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[ih] Some Questions over IPv4 Ownership

>Though the point made regarding IPV6 as being finite is clearly 
>true, IPV6 still represents a huge increase in the available address 
>space to be allocated for and to the Internet community.  Given its 
>size, perhaps it could be divided up into grouped allocations as a 
>compromise to all parties involved.  For example, something like 
>"reserved space", "allocated space" and "free market space", made 
>available to allocation as groups such as ARIN, the RIRs and 
>governing political bodies see fit or as otherwise makes sense.

How many ways do we have to say it?  There is no such thing as a free 
market in IP addresses.  IP addresses are assigned to facilitate 
routing.  Do anything else will severely break the Internet 
regardless of how big the address is. Actually the bigger it is 
faster it gets broken.

Or perhaps I should say it the other way around.  Please create a 
free market in IPv6 addresses as soon as possible so that we get to 
see how many ways the Internet can suffer a meltdown.  This will be 
interesting to watch.

Take care,