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[ih] Some Questions over IPv4 Ownership

O, good grief.  Bad idea for basically all the same reasons we have 
been discussing, just up a level!

As I said, virtually all (there may be a few exceptions but I haven't 
found it) identifiers in CS are locators in some sense.  There is a 
reason that file names in Multics (and UNIX) were called *path*names. 
So you could find them!  Files with similar names are "near" each 
other for some concept of "near."  Here in the same i-node.

Hierarchical application names are in this sense location-dependent. 
Just a very different "location" space that used for network 

Take care,

At 18:27 +0200 2010/10/14, David Sitman wrote:
>On Thu, 14 Oct 2010, Jack Haverty wrote:
>>It's not just IP addresses.  AFAIK, issues like "Email Address
>>Portability" haven't come up yet.  Who "owns" ernesto at cs.fiu.edu  ...?
>>The person?  The University?  The "owner" of the .edu domain?
>This summer, the Ministry of Communications in Israel began 
>considering a change in ISP licensing which would require ISP's to 
>support email address portability, so if I were given the address 
>david at ISP1.co.il, I could keep this address when I leave ISP1 and 
>move to a different ISP. Since the Israeli universities have an ISP 
>license, this has caused us quite a bit of consternation.
>David Sitman
>Tel Aviv University