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[ih] Some Questions over IPv4 Ownership


I have always wondered what an IP address (and of course a domain name)
actually is, legally speaking.

But then, I am not a laywer, only an elderly Obstetrician (though, to
quote Eric "Otter" Stratton: "What's the difference?" (Yes, I know,
wishful thinking :-)-O)), but

greetings, el

on 2010-10-14 15:05 Ernesto Rubi said the following:

> (a) As may be set forth in the Addendum, Qwest will secure domain names
> and assign IP address space (subject to reasonable availability) for the
> benefit of Customer during the Term, and Qwest will route those addresses
> on Qwest's network; it being understood and agreed that neither Customer
> nor any of its ?Users? (as defined in the AUP) shall have the right to
> route these addresses. Customer understands and agrees that it shall have
> no ownership interest in any IP address which Qwest obtains on Customer's
> behalf and that Qwest shall retain ownership of all such IP addresses, and
> upon termination of the Agreement, Customer's access to and utilization of
> such IP addresses shall terminate.
> "ownership" is not defined anywhere else in the contract.

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