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[ih] Commercial ISPs (Re: Some Questions over IPv4 Ownership)

Hi Dave:

You preceeded me, but by the time I joined CSNET technical team in late 1984
or early 1985, all CSNET members paid dues and my understanding was that had
been true from inception.


> On 10/12/2010 4:53 PM, Craig Partridge wrote:
> > CSNET had paying customers ("members") from the start
> It did?
> While I was but a mere techie doing the email services, I had the impression 
> that the initial roll-out was sufficiently challenged, just to find willing 
> adopters for this crazy, telephone-based relaying service.  Given how especia
> lly 
> crappy the software was that they initially received for this, I'd be even mo
> re 
> chagrined to hear that they were paying for it.
> On the other hand, they DID pay for each telephone call... when they initiate
> d it.
> d/
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