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[ih] Commercial ISPs (Re: Some Questions over IPv4 Ownership)

Craig Partridge wrote:
>> On 10/12/2010 15:00 EDT, Ofer Inbar wrote:
>>> On Mon, Oct 11, 2010 at 08:03:49PM -0700,
>>> jfh<jack at 3kitty.org>  wrote:
>>>> Somewhere along the line, commercial ISPs popped into being.  I'm
>>>> not sure who was first, but my recollection is that this happened as
>>>> spinoffs from NSFNet and/or CSNet.  Again, there must have been some
>>>> kind of agreements between those commercial entities and a piece of
>>>> the government, detailing the rules about ownership.  These first
>>>> ISPs were different because they were not research collaborators.
>>>> They were in business simply to make money selling Internet service.
>>> Software Tool&  Die's (aka "the World") was the first commercial
>>> consumer ISP, and UUNET was the first commercial IP network provider -
>>> who sold IP service to STD.
>> The way I remember it:
>> STD provided Internet services but they were not a network.
>> UUNET was a non-profit exchange, not a network, until 1990 (?)
>> PSINet was started as a network, with NYSERNet members as an instant
>> installed base, in 1989.
> CSNET started in 1981 with a goal of achieving profitability within a few
> years (which it achieved).  NSFNET modeled the NSF regional networks, in
> part, on the CSNET model.
And then there was NEARnet, that had commercial members almost from day 
one.  As I recall, since NEARnet didn't have any NSF funding, it didn't 
have to follow the limit on commercial users (except at the gateway to 
the NSFnet backbone).

Miles Fidelman

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice.
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