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[ih] Fwd: Re: internet-reporters Majordomo Mailing List

Our operations people just asked me about a very old ISI mailing list, 
internet-reporters at isi.edu.  I must admit I don't recall it, but I 
thought that other old timers would enjoy this list of old timers.  I 
wonder whether any of those addresses are still good?


Bob Braden


internet-reporters at isi.edu

Braden at isI.EDU,
Brescia at BBN.COM,
brian at hursley.ibm.com,
catlett at NCSA.UIUC.EDU,
CLynn at BBN.COM,
dcmwood at spot.colorado.edu,
ddc at LCS.MIT.EDU,
dfazio at MR.NET,
dfk at ripe.net,
elliott at isi.edu,
ema at merit.edu,
epg at home.net,
eveleth at nwnet.net,
farrell at RICE.EDU,
fedor at PSI.COM,
nic at prep.net,
gary at airsoft.com,
guru at arl.wustl.edu,
hank at vm.tau.ac.il,
hankins at CIC.NET,
hastings at morgul.psc.edu,
jcurran at nic.near.net,
Jill.Foster at NEWCASTLE.AC.UK,
jon at CS.UCL.AC.UK,
jseeger at BBN.COM,
Kent at BBN.COM,
kirstein at cs.ucl.ac.uk,
kjk at spot.colorado.edu,
klh at nisc.sri.com,
Kseo at BBN.COM,
lefebvre at BBN.COM,
meeting-planning at ietf.org,
morris at WINDOM.UCAR.EDU,
pburns at yuma.acns.colostate.edu,
Postel at ISI.EDU,
R.Day at JNT.AC.UK,
raresec at rare.nl,
schoff at PSI.COM,
scoya at ietf.org,
SEstrada at aldea.com,
srh at merit.edu,
tjs at MSC.EDU,
tom at cic.net,
VCerf at mci.net,
wls at psi.com