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[ih] Fate of Alohanet

the alohanet terminals were just that, terminals. Alohanet terminated  
at the Menehune and the character streams went into the local Univ  
Hawaii host. Terminals could then run Telnet to get out on the the  
ARPANET from the host. Best guess is that the PRNET picked up where  
Alohanet left off in terms of radio-based network research (and of  
course, also the Atlantic Satellite Network). I joined ARPA that year  
but didn't have any direct involvement in the Alohanet effort. Norm  
Abramson or Frank Kuo could likely give more detail or maybe Bob Kahn.


On Feb 25, 2010, at 4:40 AM, Matthias B?rwolff wrote:

> Dear all,
> I gather from the literature (largely Abramson and Kuo) that Alohanet
> got connected to the Arpanet by means of an IMP at the Hawaii  
> University
> in late 1972; then, by 1974 they had NCP and Telnet sufficiently up in
> the Menehune to allow terminal connections to the Arpanet; and,  
> finally,
> in 1976 the whole project died for lack of further funding. No further
> information was provided for the latter point.
> Does anyone know a specific reason why they discontinued Alohanet? Did
> the landlines get better, and thus the raison d'etre vanished? What
> happened to the IMP, did it stay connected to the Arpanet?
> Thanks,
> Matthias
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