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[ih] ARPAnet and nuclear survivability

In the fun memories of the past department -- recall Van used to do this.
He had a tool that knew what mangled datagram would cause each OS and
router code build to crash.  As I recall, he used to use it in a Bay
Area research network to force the network to function.  Made sense,
he often did his work late at night and this was before 24-hour operations
support became standard.  (Which leads to a story of an early NSFNET
regional network that, if memory serves, used to take their network down
to perform maintenance once a week between 9 and 11am Eastern....)


> Jack Haverty wrote:
> > Turns out that he knew that when comms didn't work, he knew from
> > experience that all you had to do was recycle the box, so when his email
> > didn't work...he'd reboot the IMP.
> Perhaps he was right.
> Any chance we can fix spam by simultaneously rebooting all the routers on the
>  net?
> (Don't answer.  I realize we would also need to reboot all the hosts, but did
> n't 
> want to suggest something unreasonable.)
> d/
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