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[ih] Users vs Hosts on ARPANET

the number reached 50,000 very quickly as I recall.


On Nov 10, 2009, at 5:49 PM, Brian Dear wrote:

> Most of the histories of the first 10 years of ARPANET show graphs  
> depicting how the number of host machine connections grew year by  
> year.   That's swell, but what I've always wondered was, how many  
> PEOPLE used the ARPANET during those years?   That is, how many  
> people were connected to those host machines and at what year-by- 
> year rate did the "ARPANET population" grow?
> Anyone have any references to such data?
> - Brian
> Brian Dear
> PLATO History Project
> La Jolla, California
> brian at platohistory.org

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