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[ih] internet-history Digest, Vol 37, Issue 6

this comports with my recollection. Danny Cohen, David Reed and Jon  
Postel lobbied strongly for a non-sequential, fast delivery mechanism  
and TCP 3.0 made reference to a new header that performed this  
function (routing). We decided later to split off into a distinct  
protocol document, developed UDP for user access to this mode of  
operation and put TCP on top. This was all codified in the first TCP  
and IP v4 documents in 1978.


On Nov 9, 2009, at 6:27 AM, Craig Partridge wrote:

>> Also, IEN 21 is dated January 1978.  The split must have occurred
>> well before that because if *my memory serves* ;-) one of the
>> discussions in arriving at INWG 96 by Dec 1977 was whether or not the
>> protocol chosen could be used over something other than a datagram
>> service and for TCP, IP already existed.
> A few years ago I went digging to try to find out when and where IP
> was invented.
> The simple answer appears to be it was created in a hallway  
> conversation
> at an TCP meeting at ISI in 1977.  (Full answer is more complex and
> involves tracing various research efforts and ideas to that  
> hallway...).
> Thanks!
> Craig