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[ih] ARPANet anniversary

Hi Larry:

The 1977 diagram certainly looks like the early Internet.  I know that
in late 1976 there was router/gateway between SRI and the Packet Radio
network, between ARPANET and BBN's test network (BBN had an internal
network using ARPANET technology used to serve BBN and test ARPANET
code before deployment), and via SATNET at UCL.  Your diagram shows
one more gateway/router in Norway, which is plausible by 1977.



> > And speaking of the Internet as a distinct entity, whats it's birth-day
> anyway? I would call it the first day on which a packet was sent from one
> host, across a particular kind of network, through a router (or gateway as we
> called them back then), across another network, into another host. (That woul
> d
> have been a TCP packet, I guess - no IP back then!) So where and when was
> that?
> There was evidently a demonstration of ARPANet, SATNet, and the San Francisco
>  Bay area packet radio network in October 1977.  Was that the first public de
> mo?
> There is a diagram of the demo network at:
> http://www.sri.com/about/timeline/images/1977map_000.jpg
> I include it in a 12-slide teaching presentation on Internet history at:
> http://localhost/som/presentations/tcpip/tcphistory2.ppt
> Any corrections would be appreciated by me and my students.
> Lar
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