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[ih] internet-history Digest, Vol 37, Issue 1

Noel wrote:

   And speaking of the Internet as a distinct entity, whats it's birth-day
 > anyway? I would call it the first day on which a packet was sent from one
 > host, across a particular kind of network, through a router (or 
gateway as we
 > called them back then), across another network, into another host. 
(That woul
 > d
 > have been a TCP packet, I guess - no IP back then!) So where and when was
 > that?

At the time, we reckoned the beginning of the Internet to be the Red 
Flag day when the ARPAnet converted from NCP to TCP/IP: Jan 1, 1983.
I think someone has an "I survived..." sweatshirt to commemorate that date.

Bob Braden