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[ih] ARPANet anniversary

On 2 Nov 2009 at 11:06, Vint Cerf wrote:

> .... But going end-end through the BBN 1822 host/IMP  
> interfaces would be the key to noel's metric (and mine as I agree with  
> him).

I guess I disagree -- *IF* it was actually a successful communication 
[which as I understand took a while longer, since the original "test" 
crashed], then that'd be right: the first time someone at UCLA 
*LOGGED*IN* to SRI.  YAY!!  -- does anyone know when *THAT* actually 

But the actual test that Len has ensured is fabled in story and song 
exercised little that hadn't/couldn't be tested previously.  The sigma-7 
had already communicated with its IMP [through its 1822 interface and as 
far as the sigma-7 was concerned was as end-to-end as any other].  I know 
Ben reported helping Mike Wingfield with the interface while he was there 
and I helped debug another problem with the interface some time later 
[but before the SRI connection]].  I actually don't know what happened at 
SRI prior to its connection [there's no reason I can see why they 
couldn't have tried to "log in" locally from the IMP TTY but I don't know 
a lot about the host side of those tests].

As for history written by the 'winner' -- that's not exactly right: often 
it is written by the person with the best PR instincts.


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