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[ih] ARPANet anniversary

On 2 Nov 2009 at 9:11, Craig Simon wrote:

> Here's another article on the 40th anniversary of the first host to host 
> communication on the Arpanet, including a video of Leonard Kleinrock 
> with the original IMP log (at the very end).

Does the IMP log include the part where the BBN folk had been exchanging 
messages over the "net" for a couple of weeks before UCLA and SRI started 
getting their host interfaces and software running?

The event that Len keeps trumpeting as the first message sent over the 
net was, of course, nowhere *NEAR* that: it was the first, staggering 
steps at debugging the *host* code and interfaces at UCLA and SRI.  The 
net, itself, had been up and running for a little while by that time.  
Ben Barker [who was at UCLA] reported when he first saw the light on the 
imp lights-panel tell him that the SRI IMP had just come up, which to my 
view would _really_ be when the ARPAnet first came alive.


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