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[ih] Secret precedence schemes back then

At 09:18 PM 1/28/2009, Bernie Cosell wrote:

> > [and sure, i do realize that saddleunlite service is likely to be
> > justifiably more expensive than dsl or cable, it's just that i think
> > it's too much more expensive.
>Ah, if you believe that AND you're a fan of capitalism, you would
>perceive that as an opportunity rather than an outrage.  :o)

i was going to let it go since jack seemed happy/content/unhostile 
enough, but if you must be so inconsiderate as to make me think 
deepish thoughts at my age, i guess i'm a fan of 'enlightened 
capitalism', which i just coined because i know i'd never get away 
with 'rational socialism'.  not that i can define it rigorously, of 
course, which is just as well since it spares me the rigors of a trip 
to sweden [or is it norway for the econ one?], but it has something 
to do with distinguishing between 'more' and 'enough' and opting for 
the latter.  what's particularly amusing about that, b/t/w, is that i 
became aware of the importance of distinguishing between more and 
enough because when i was on 'sound crew' in high school i must have 
seen half a dozen times the once-famous newsreel of the once-famous 
sam gompers [a big time labor leader in his time; not that i remember 
for sure when, nor that i care to bother to look it up; probably 
pre-ww ii, tho, and maybe even pre-original Great Depression] being 
asked 'mr. gompers, what does labor want?' and he chomped on his 
cigar and said/snarled: 'more.'  even then, it occurred to me that 
that was a dumb thing to say, when what he/labor really needed and 
should have wanted was....

glad you enlightened me/us about the 'fap', i might add.  rotten old 
jack got me all upset on his behalf, making think he was being 
hideously ripped off by the evil saddleunlite monsters and causing me 
to waste all that sympathy.  ah, well, at least it did lead to the 
invention of enlightened capitalism.

now to hope nobody else rattles my cage.  the wrists are starting to hurt.

cheers, map

[whose shoulder problems caused him to break down some time ago and 
create a 'signature' file to apologize for the lack of his formerly 
customary e-volubility -- and who's been employing shiftless typing 
for a long time now to spare his wristsnfingers, in case you didn't 
know ... and who's further broken down and done 
http://www.lafn.org/~ba213/mapstuff.html , rather grudgingly]