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[ih] Searching for some Arpanet-related Documents

That sounds like the formal report to darpa.

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This is the distribution of the DARPA4799.pdf document that I mention in other message:

001 Pages - Front page named 'Completion Report'
001 Pages - A history of Arpanet (BBN 4799)
001 Pages - Information about the document to classify it
003 Pages - i to iii - Table of contents
003 Pages - I-1 to I-3 - Chapter 1
041 Pages - II-1 to II-41 - Chapter 2
143 Pages - III-1 to III-143 - Chapter 3 (Page 136 is blank)
015 Pages - ARPANET maps from Dec-1970 to March-1977

Total: 208 pages (including the blank page III-136)

Sergio Pedraja

2008/6/5 Vint Cerf

	How many pages?