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Re: [Captive-portals] [Doh] Captive portals (was Re: suggested slides for IETF 104 on draft-reid-doh-operator)

(to those exclusively on the captive-portals list, this email follows on a discussion around a presentation discussing implications of DNS over HTTP in networks where captive portals are present)
On 15/03/2019 11:26, Martin Thomson wrote:
If the OS catches the captive portal, everything works nicely once the captive portal is dealt with.  If the captive portal manages to evade detection...
As there are numerous folk from browser and OS vendors within this
mailing list who implement capture portal detection, would there benefit
in authoring an informational document covering capture portal detection
methods in the absence of a network's DHCP service not implementing RFC
7710? Such a document may help describe common methods to inform
implementers and minimise detection evading capture portals. It may be
better placed in the capport WG instead of doh.