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Re: [Captive-portals] Review of draft-ietf-capport-rfc7710bis

On Mon, Jul 22, 2019, at 17:43, Lorenzo Colitti wrote:
> It's possible to use HTTPS to IP literals. But IP literals are 
> address-family specific. That makes it impossible to support this 
> option in a dual-stack network because the two URLs will be different.

Just relaying a comment from someone who knows more about this than I: it would be reasonable to regard the v4 and v6 access as different "networks".  You can see how that might work when you consider that the configuration for v4 and v6 are different and could provide different answers.  I don't know how that fits with the logical model proposed in PvD though...

> One option would just be to drop this mechanism. If it is clear that 
> the DHCP / RA solutions are feasible in real networks, I don't see much 
> of a need for the link rel version at all.

Maybe this is something we could ask the WBA folks.  One nice property of that is that it fits into the 3xx interception nicely, but we're speculating here about whether this added simplicity would be useful.