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Re: [Captive-portals] Fixing RFC 7710

Martin Thomson <[email protected]> wrote:
    > We've had a number of discussions in the captive portals group about
    > fixing RFC 7710.

    > Erik and I would like to propose a plan for that work.  We would keep
    > this to addressing the issues that we have identified thus far.
    > Namely:

Hi, so are you considering 7710bis, or a document that just Updates 7710?
7710bis seems excessive to me, unless you think that we have to change the
DHCP/RA option codes in the process.

    > 1. The purpose of the URI is not well defined.  We would reference the
    > capport architecture and API documents for that.  The group would need
    > to decide between: a. point to the API b. point to a login page

Could the API document do the required updates?

Michael Richardson <[email protected]>, Sandelman Software Works
 -= IPv6 IoT consulting =-

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