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Re: [Captive-portals] API access and .well-known

Hi Tommy,

On 1/16/18 2:18 PM, Tommy Pauly wrote:
Hi Evert,

I think that all three options that Martin provided implicitly support two different URLs ([API-URL] and [HTML-URL] for lack of a better term) that a client device could use. I agree that making things very explicit and clear is important.
Yea, I guess this is a misunderstanding of terms. I think using a well-known uri, to me, is not necessarily providing a URI ;) All you do is provide an origin, and have the client of the API reconstruct the URI. I should have been more clear.
In our ideal world the AP provides fully qualified URIs.

Linking to the html page from the JSON endpoint sounds like a great idea. Have you considered using a format such as HAL, and specify a Link Relation[1] instead of using a plain property?