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Re: [Captive-portals] Signals from the network and ICMP

I, for one, disagree -- 

I believe the risks are that we: make network signaling optional, keep going down the road of trying to solve network enforcement at an Application layer, and ultimately just adding another way for Hotspots to be "broken". 

Just wanted to highlight a few comments made recently to the list concerning ICMP:

"So using ICMP as hint and doing rate limited operatins based on that is acceptable."

"if authenticating ICMP messages would be easy there would already be authentication in them :-)"

"I agree about viewing ICMP as a hint for the user equipment to visit the API."


On Fri, Apr 13, 2018 at 3:15 AM Martin Thomson <[email protected]> wrote:
Thanks to Lorenzo for kicking off the discussion about the desirable
properties of a signal from the network.

( Thread starts:

The chairs have discussed this and would like to confirm the following

1. We don't have any current proposal for a signal that the group
deems suitable.  For now, we will remove pieces from the API and
architecture documents that specifically mention ICMP.

2. We will add a description of the properties we believe that a
signal should have to the architecture document, but note that no such
signal is defined.  That is, the signal will be sent by the network
when it believes that a UE should check with the API for updated
information.  The UE will treat that signal as a hint and may talk to
the API as a result.  Rate-limiting will likely be needed.

3. We will consider a proposal to define a signal in future.  That
would be a stand-alone proposal if it appeared.  To my reading, it is
within our charter to take on work like that, but we would probably
need to have a discussion with our AD at that point because we're
already past our milestones.

Does anyone disagree with these conclusions?  I don't think that this
completely rules out the use of ICMP, though Destination Unreachable
might not be an ideal fit as was discussed in London.

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