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Re: [Captive-portals] Use Case: "Carrier Grade Captive Portal"

while I support the opinion to stop breaking/redirecting https and do
proper signaling with icmp instead,
I do not see working setups in real world scenarios without sending a
http-status code leading
to specific browser's behaviour (outside of the mobile world). Otherwise
the customer is left alone with a
browser showing an error page.

(If there would be a possibility to trigger a webpage with a
capportdetection  - icmp unreachable message,
that would be great.. any hints welcome. Very well possible that I just
overlooked something..)

In my opinion, there already exists an HTTP status code that leads to specific browser behavior (redirecting to captive portal). The problem is that even with HTTP (over TLS), this falls apart (without doing 443 hijacking). We could perhaps define something for HTTPS, but are we then going to make every protocol "captive portal" compliant? Hence the reason to use ICMP - it will work with any protocol.