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[Captive-portals] Draft Agenda for IETF 98

I've just uploaded an agenda for the meeting.  Those who are
identified here, please get me your slides before the meeting starts
(ideally before the 26th, for all except the last, which I don't
expect to need a presentation).  Plan on no more than 10 minutes of
presenting so that we can have some discussion and questions while we
also keep to schedule.

Captive Portals (capport, [email protected])

IETF 98 Chicago
2017-03-28 1450-1620 Zurich D

Administrivia                          Chair(s)          10m

Japanese Survey                        Mariko Kobayashi  15m

draft-larose-capport-architecture-00   Kyle Larose       15m

draft-bruneau-pvd-00                   Tommy Pauly       15m

Hackathon Report                       Kyle Larose       10m