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Re: [Captive-portals] IETF 99 minutes

On Aug 2, 2017, at 6:20 AM, Gunther Nitzsche <[email protected]> wrote:


and thanks for the meeting minutes.

I have two (no..three :) small comments on that:
There is an uncontradicted comment saying:

David Dolson: need to
notify non-http-80
Tommy Pauly: expect to interact with web pages
considers status code 511 to be dead until new information.

I am wondering why the complete discussion in the last weeks
regarding  511 - status on this mailing list seems to be completely
ignored? At least for me it is still the preferred way to go as I mentioned
earlier here.


Martin: <hat off> Some
feedback I got was (a) there are far too many bits & messages (maybe dest
unreach is enough), you allow provider to provide discriminatory services.
B: That's what walled garden does. We shouldn't go there.

..and I thought, we had the consensus that walled garden
is a perfect topic for this ml?

Further down:

Tommy: today, we wait for capport
probe to complete until allowing network access.

That is not what we do. Download of antivirus -patterns or
self- reenabling after abuse block is a valid reason to
reach parts of the network even when the customer is blocked.

Hi Gunther,

I was referring to what the behavior on Apple operating systems is. When a Wi-Fi network is joined, the captive portal probe is a generally a precondition for allowing the Wi-Fi network to be marked as the default route for the system. While traffic may still be allowed over that network when scoped, general networking traffic is not allowed until the probe completes.




On 31.07.2017 03:00, Erik Kline wrote:
FYI: I have uploaded the meeting minutes as captured in Etherpad.
Many thanks to David Dolson (and any others) for taking notes.

You can find the minutes on the wg meetings page:


and in the wg-materials repo on github:


I have not edited this initial upload of the minutes in any way.

Please review if/when you get a chance; we can post corrections/clarifications.

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