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[Captive-portals] IPv6 RA URI option

I am looking over RFC 7710 concerning how the URI is communicated to the end user.  I really like the IPv4 DHCP solution,  I think this could easily be implemented in a DHCP server.  I think it could be easily implemented in the RA for IPv6 as well however I do see a challenge when each connected client needs a unique URI such as it containing the parameter for the client mac. For example, a url like https://captiveportal/?client-mac=11:22:33:44:55:66. The RA is sent to everyone and cannot be tailored to each client while DHCP is very client specific and can be changed on-the-fly.  Most captive portals rely on the client mac address during the authentication process. I am aware of networks using the IP address to associate the user at the AAA server but from my understanding this is a rare network setup.  I think a potential solution for the IPv6 RA would be to define an HTTP POST parameter in which the client can use like ‘client-mac’ and let the client post it the URI https://captiveporta/.   Thoughts? Ideas?

Alexander Roscoe