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Oregone State Republican senators: “Send bachelors, and come heavily armed” - CircUSA Clown World - HONK HONK - [PEACE]

This be a rare day where one faction of representatives exercises
their right to not even turn up to a vote insisted by the other
faction of representatives, to avoid the existence of the minimum
number of representatives voting, to stymie the vote.

The Dems are intent on some incremental global one world government
carbon tax regime, and the Repubs are oddly enough opposed.

And then state troopers get "authorised" by the D's to arrest the
R's, and at least one R says "send bachelors and come heavily armed"
- exactly how willing to exercise such rights as the right to bear
arms in the face of opposition to your right to not turn up to the
senate for a vote ... as a senator ... is arguably a mildly rare

Let's see who prevails in the land of the most mature, grounded and
stable people - the USA.

Zerowedgie with the low down:

  "Come Heavily Armed": Oregon Senator Threatens Violence As Governor
  Hunts Down Lawmakers