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Cryptocurrency: When? (ex: Privacy Coins, Why and How They Work)


It's more the idea that coin privacy is important and required,
the idea is more valuable than any past or current implementation,
it is the idea that will survive to eventually reach deployment,
brought forward by those who follow its requisite nature.

Sure people will misapply, oldref, fail to upgrade their evals to
current and future tech, bad journo, bash, troll and shill all sorts
things and ideas as usual. That's to be expected in the Wild West.
With old world adversaries many and powerful.

Yet for those who follow new ideas to be playing there, sinking
investments in and or falling to those games, is often just a lot of wasted
resources, of which they have few early on, and these are still early times...
best reallocate them to better use.

Stupid coinwars, bitchfights, anything other than cypherpunk cryptocurrency
tech application, eval, mashup, integration, and adoption... needs to stop.
All things come from a true cryptocurrency, not the other way around,
certainly not from all the Fiat-alikes out there.

And all the centralized ICO token nonsense, coin scams, their shills...
at best a somewhat helpful confusing blitz upon the real enemy,
yet one with no particularly profound effect in the end, a weaksauce,
yet another misallocation of resource.

> 	bitcoin is getting some privacy upgrades.

They had over 10 years to do that, you'll be lucky if BTC embeds
strong privacy in the native protocol anytime within the next 10 years.
By that time it may be too late. Even right now today would be
precariously close to too late.

The longer you wait, the longer you fail to come together to
get things done, the more you have to rely soley on the
magical properties of a true cypherpunk cryptocurrency
to come dig you out and save your ass from the network effects
of your past non-true coin deployments. That's incredibly risky
proposition, and squanders the extremely rare oppurtunity
to drop change and see truth in your lifetime.

So much broken shitcoin, pointless token, and Fiat State
Control Power Censor and selfish MyCoinFirst think out there
in the space, so little cypherpunk cryptoanarchy being applied.

> bitcoin is junk

Bitcoin-BTC in its current state today, is not capable of
meeting the needs of a global cypherpunk cryptocurrency.

Major scaling, fee, txrate, decentral tx mining, and privacy issues
including by not evolving beyond storage to an online UTXO db,
going down tech development paths that are questionable as to
proposed success, big corporate capture and freespeech debacles.
And more you can list.

As a regulated hardly usable gold maybe, but that's a pointless outcome.
As a long term global cypherpunk cash for billions to use even once a week...
not at current, not without utter laughing stock position reversal (such as
raising blocksize, killing Lightning, etc), or a proper revolt or takeover.

The question is not which are junk, 99% are. But which small
set of tech and dedicated group of proponents acting globally,
will make up the 5 or so coin that will win the real battle, in the true
cypherpunk cryptoanarchy cryptocurrency way that is requisite
to bring any real change to the world. Else just stick with Fiat.

Then you've got the massive education effort of the entire space
still todo on cypherpunk cryptoanarchy political economic...
that education project got foolishly left behind in the stupid get rich
first explosion and corruption. And got exploited by the "we have to
be regulated and central" FUD propaganda. So that now many new
people who see the light are afraid to speak, and old school
visionaries have retired. That activism must return to the front lines.

There's even possible todo on the right spin and partnering of your own
to fake out the States and Statists giving you more time to drop change.

There's also so much coin tech out there now as to make finding
actual good candidates among them for an ideal cypherpunk
cryptocurrency to be a major project in itself. Feel free to start
such a project, create your criteria, and suggest your own finds.

10+ years, nearly an entire working generation gone by.
But how many toward actual cryptoanarchy freedom for all... 3?
How many stupidly invested waiting dancing around false hopium
solutions, creating fakes for greed, etc... 6+?

Yet there's still time... the entire space really needs to refocus,
refactor, combine, and launch the real war to get it done :)