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Youtube Demonetizing Law Auditors? Channels Tracking Social Corp Actions?

News Now Patrick claims demonetization

Would seem a bit of a new stretch for youtube to go
after this category of youtubers but who knows
what these companies and their bosses are up to.

Here is another potential case in the same category...

Granite State Transparency interviews
Ian Mcguire's SOTHEYCALLITFREEDOM channel about
it being deleted by youtube, kangaroo court, ACLU, etc...

In some deplatform categories and cases,
not all sides of the situations are represented
for people to evaluate... companies rarely speak,
nor is the opposing opinion present, unless like
speakers corner where everyone's filming covering
everything realtime no edits...


Are there more new categories of youtubers being
banned by youtube?

Are there channels dedicated to trying to objectively
review each category and case from all sides?

Any sites tracking court cases against companies
involved in arbitrary censorship?

All the different categories of censored, demonetized
youtubers should know about things like DTube, IPFS,
youtube-dl, I2P torrent, crypto messaging, support via
cryptocurrency, all sorts of alternatives, redundancy and
backup options, etc. Not exactly fast, live, easy, or popular,
but basically impossible to censor.

Are there any channels filming in public journalising about
the obvious filming that public can generally see know
understand and respond to, compared to unseen cable taps,
datamining, surveillance, marketing, etc? In "interviewing the
public" format?

Though those taking things to being harassing assholish to
the public... versus genuine conversation, as educators covering
printed [case] law in hand, etc... tend to defeat their own point,
turn viewers off, get in trouble for erring outside scope, etc.

Some reference links to this category...
News Now by Patrick Roth
Selena Carol
Nomad News by Josh Russell
Granite State Transparency
Hate The State by Ian McGuire