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Left v Right dichotomy and false dichotomies - Zeriwedgie still on fire - [PEACE]

Zerowedgie is on fire in the last week or three, with foundational,
sometimes inspirational and etc articles chosing to be (re)posted at
the world's pre-eminent #fashtag sponsored Neon-Nâ??zi edumacational
website, Zerowedgie. I mean DailyStormer is the pre-eminent #fashtag
site #1, David Duke is #2 although he is older and bin around a lot
longer than Amblin Anglin so he's probably #fashtag_1 in reality, but
anyway this all makes ZeroWedgie #fashtag_3 site in the world, not 1
or 2 .. for the fastidiously inclined...

Great to see the various authors riposted on ZeroWedgie putting out
such Soul searching foundational material - GO Humans, GO!
There'soap^BThere's hope, yet :)

No silver bullet/ big easy answer, but at least a cogent statement of
the problem...

  Smith: An Examination Of The Leftist Cult And Their Religion

  There is a common misconception among newer activists in the
  liberty movement that the idea of the â??false left/right paradigmâ??
  means that there is no political spectrum; that the entire notion
  of left vs right is a fabrication. This is not exactly the case.
  When we talk about false paradigms in regards to politics (or
  geopolitics), what we are actually referring to is the elitist
  class, otherwise known as globalists, and the fact that they have
  no left or right political orientation. They do not care about
  Democrats or Republicans, they have no loyalty to either party.
  Their loyalty is to their own agenda, and they will exploit BOTH
  sides to get what they want whenever possible.

  Beyond the globalists, average people do indeed fall on a political
  spectrum that could be broken down and simplified to a set of basic
  ideals or ideologies. On the left side of the spectrum we find the
  collectivists and socialists, who believe that society (the group)
  is vastly more important than the individual and that the actions
  of individuals must be strictly monitored and governed to prevent
  negative effects on the group.

  The core argument of the leftists is:

    â??We are all a part of society and must act in harmony with
    society so that the system continues to function. The needs of
    the many outweigh the needs of the few...â??

  On the right side of the spectrum we find the individualists,
  sovereignty activists and true conservatives. People who, in
  varying degrees, believe that society should be restricted from
  dictating the life of the individual and that group participation
  should be voluntary. Where leftists seek to centralize, people on
  the right seek to decentralize.

  The argument of the conservative is:

    â??Without the individual the group does not exist. The group is an
    abstraction created in the mind. When groups do form they should
    only exist to serve and protect the inherent rights of
    individuals, not be used as a mechanism of control by weak people
    who are afraid to function on their own...â??

  This separation of philosophies is simple and easy to follow. Where
  things start to become confused and convoluted, however, is when
  political â??gatekeepersâ?? or globalist controlled pundits and media
  outlets get involved and muddy the waters. For example, there are
  some egregious misinterpretations of conservative principles in the
  mainstream, especially in places like Europe where the word
  â??conservativeâ?? is considered dirty and is barely spoken.
  Gatekeepers who have no loyalties to actual conservative values
  have attempted to soil the image of conservatives as a whole by
  misleading them down the wrong path or acting as false

  Inevitably, these pied pipers try to lure conservatives to support
  leftist ideologies, like big government interference in people's
  lives, or in the politics of other nations, or even in free
  markets. In other words, they want to sabotage real conservatives
  by making them look like hypocrites. But, the ideals of
  conservativism and centralization are mutually exclusive â?? If a
  conservative supports big government control, they are no longer a
  conservative. Period.

  It is certainly the case that similar gatekeepers on the left side
  of the spectrum are misleading leftists to destructive ends, but
  not in the same way that they try to mislead conservatives. While
  globalists will attempt to trick conservatives to act more like
  socialists, they do not try to trick leftists into acting more like
  conservatives. Rather, they trick leftists into becoming even more
  extreme in their collectivist tendencies.

  The end goal of the globalist cabal is to eventually reach a point
  where EVERYONE in the world is a supporter of totalitarian
  centralization â?? a world where everyone is a leftist, whether they
  realize it or not.


  If everyone is born different, then fairness in society becomes
  subjective and inapplicable, and only accomplishment, hard work and
  merit can be trusted to determine what is "fair".  If people's
  characters are not necessarily ruled by their environment, then
  this means there is no point in creating a social Utopia to
  micro-manage every aspect of our lives. If psychopaths are not made
  but born, then the question of inherent evil becomes a possibility,
  and according to leftists there is no such thing as evil people,
  only evil systems that spoil the minds of good people. If gender is
  inborn and the vast majority of people fall on one side or the
  other psychologically, not just biologically, then leftists can no
  longer claim that gender is a social construct that must be


  People who struggle and overcome life's obstacles tend to be much
  wiser and more skilled than people who never had to put in the
  effort. Leftists want to take away all adversity, not in the name
  of equal opportunity, but in the name of equal outcome. In the
  process, they make all of society weaker, wimpier, less innovative
  and less productive. In a leftist world, humanity would have to
  create artificial â??adversity campsâ?? just to retain its survival
  instincts. But then, of course, those camps would eventually be put
  through the fairness filter as well...


  I started writing this essay in part because I've noticed a steady
  stream of articles in mainstream media outlets posing as studies of
  â??conservative extremistsâ??. I figure, if they are going to analyze
  us inaccurately then we can do them one better and analyze them as
  accurately as possible. In reading some of these pieces I find that
  leftists have created their own language completely separate from
  the rest of the world and reality. That which they interpret as
  â??racismâ??, or â??misogynyâ??, or â??fascismâ?? does not fit the textbook
  definition of said labels. They have developed their own
  bewildering vocabulary filled with made-up words and illogical
  concepts to describe the world in a way that fits their desires and
  supports their accusations.

  Conservatives don't live in this world and frankly, we don't ever
  want to. To them we are heretics, or barbarians. In their eyes we
  are the dirty untouchables, the â??deplorablesâ??. We cannot be saved,
  and should be destroyed. Zealots always seek to treat ideological
  outsiders as mortal enemies even when those individuals have done
  nothing to them. The fact is, most modern political crimes and
  genocides have been enacted in the name of socialist ideals; in the
  name of concepts the left holds dear. We continue to suffer under
  these ideals in the name of globalism.

  How many people have suffered because of decentralization and
  individual rights?  not many, if any.  How many people have been
  exterminated in the name of the non-aggression principle? Answer:
  Zero.  Conservatives are certainly not evil, or extreme. But in the
  twilight zone of leftist thought, we are the monsters.

  This is why leftist behavior is becoming so incomprehensible.
  Corporate behemoths like Sony, Disney, Netflix, Facebook, Google,
  etc. have chosen to force feed the public social justice ideology,
  and have placed their business at risk because less and less people
  are buying the religion they are selling.  The same is true with
  companies like Gillette or Starbucks, which are willing to insult
  their own customer base and sabotage themselves just to preach the
  social justice gospel.  Why would they do this?  Because they see
  conservatives as demonic force that must be erased from civilized
  society.  We are not even allowed to be heard, otherwise the evil
  magic of our arguments will mesmerize the masses and turn them away
  from the light of cultural Marxism.

  Another more covert reason is that through the use of popular media
  and corporate influence globalists are able to exploit the useful
  idiots on the left and manipulate them into acting even more absurd
  than they already do.  And, by extension, they hope to terrify
  conservatives into throwing out the Constitution and going full
  fascist as a defensive response.  They are absolutely willing to
  bring down entire corporate structures to make this possible.  They
  are going for broke.


  Many leftists desperately desire a kind of apocalypse, but an
  apocalypse on their terms. The globalists are giving them one, or
  at least a farcical version called â??climate changeâ??, in which
  mankind angers nature with his production and progress, but is
  smote down with catastrophe while the devout leftists watch on in
  their purity saying â??We tried to warn you, but you would not
  repent...â?? This is of course fiction, based on junk science funded
  by organizations with agendas to undermine real science and common

  The solution to this apocalypse, coincidentally, always ends up
  being more government, more control over human trade and progress,
  population reduction, and perhaps even global governance of every
  aspect of life. Otherwise, we might incur the wrath of the great
  leftist war god of destruction â?? carbon fed global warming. In the
  minds of leftists that will be the moment when we will all
  understand that they were the sane ones, that their cult was right
  all along, and we will come to them willingly, prostrating
  ourselves before their mighty intellectual superiority.

  It is this type of ignorant thinking that makes the left an easily
  exploited tool for the powers that be. It is also the source of
  calamity throughout the ages.  Attempting to appeal to these
  people's better nature is not going to help us as they are too far
  lost in their own dimension, and neither would using big government
  as a weapon against them.  It is quite a conundrum.

 Just as well Firetruckerberg is here to save us all with a new
 (((private entity))) based digital fiat system...
 â??I can't believe it's not freedom.â??