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Lee Camp: “homomorphic encryption will not turn our elections into an impenetrable wall of democracy, renowned the world over”

Not sure that Lee Camp is entirely correct here, as I am agitatedly
awaiting Microsoft's conversion of American "elections into an
impenetrable wall of democracy, renowned the world over".

  Microsoft & Pentagon are quietly hijacking US elections
  (by Lee Camp)

  â?¦ Did you catch that? Galois claims to be a private company, but its
  only investor is the f**king Pentagon. To rephrase something you
  already understood in another way so that you get mildly annoyed
  with me: Microsoft and our war machine are taking over the American
  election system.

  Honestly, who would put election software in the hands of DARPA?
  DARPAâ??s the department that tries to put microchips in soldiersâ??
  brains to create Terminators or Robocops or other dystopian hounds
  of hell. If your first response upon hearing about an invention is,
  â??Thatâ??s f**king awful!â?? â?? DARPA came up with that.

  I wouldnâ??t even let someone from DARPA look after my cat for the
  weekend. We all know Iâ??d come home, the cat would have half a head
  and a Game Boy duct-taped to its ass. â??F**k you, DARPA! I donâ??t
  care if the Mario Kart theme song plays when it s**ts. Get out of
  my apartment!â??

  Now, imagine that scenario but replace the cat with our entire
  election system.

  MintPress further revealed Galois has a spin-off company called
  â??Free & Fairâ?? that creates technology for elections and worked with
  Microsoft to make ElectionGuardâ?¢.

  Unfortunately, Free & Fair is connected to every form of neocon
  think tank, government agency and large corporation. Theyâ??re
  especially in bed with the Department of Homeland Security.

  So whatâ??s wrong with that, you might ask.

  As Webb details, â??before, during and after the 2016 election, the
  Department of Homeland Security was caught attempting to hack into
  state electoral systems in at least three states â?? Georgia,
  Indiana, and Idaho â?? with similar accusations also made by Kentucky
  and West Virginiaâ?¦ DHS, which initially denied it, later responded
  that the attempted breach was â??legitimate business.â??â??

  Legitimate business? Anytime someone from DHS says theyâ??re involved
  in legitimate business, immediately duck and put your head between
  your knees.

  â?¦ In this world free does not mean no ulterior motive. One motive
  could be to control or rig our entire government. But who would
  want that? A tiny little country like America? Please. Our country
  is so inconsequential that we have a third-rate game show host as

  MintPress may have found another ulterior motive. â??Microsoft
  President Brad Smith announced that the company â??is going to
  provide the US military with access to the best technologyâ?¦ all the
  technology we create. Full stop.â??â?? A month prior to that,
  â??Microsoft secured a $480 million contract with the Pentagon to
  provide the military with its HoloLens technology.â??

  â?¦ Election forensics analyst Jonathan Simon said, â??The great irony,
  and tragedy, hereâ?¦ is that we could easily go the opposite
  direction and quickly solve all the problems of election security
  if we got the computers out of the process and were willing to
  invest the modicum of effort needed for humans to count votes
  observably in public as they once did.â??

  Jonathan Simon, God bless him, has used 55 words to say 11: We
  could easily fix our fraudulent election system, but we wonâ??t.

  The answer is not to hand it over to Microsoft and the Pentagon and
  the ass clowns who make robotic death machines. The Pentagon canâ??t
  keep track of $21 TRILLION DOLLARS over the past 20 years â?? what
  makes us think they can keep track of hundreds of millions of

  â?¦ ...