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Cynerattack by americunt scum against argentina's power grid.

On 6/17/19, Punk <punks at tfwno.gf> wrote:
> Yesterday (sunday 16),  There was in argentina a power failure covering ALL
> the fucking country and some small parts of uruguay chile and brazil.  The
> blackout affected some 50 million people.
> According to the criminals who call themselves the argentine govt, a power
> plant went out of sync, so the whole distribution system 'automatically'
> shut itself down. A 'bug' in a system created and run by useless
> engineers...is the official lie.
> https://www.clarin.com/politica/apagon-alerta-falla-gobierno-admite-noto_0_257EvbI8A.html


And during an election too.

Successful test run for 2020's mayhem?