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Better cache replacement policy for CPU caches

> non-ECC is fine (unless you use ZFS)

Such bullshit arguments out there.

ECC is mandatory for those that give a shit about their data,
instructions, uptime, etc. There is no valid argument about ECC
being needed for this or that app or not... all the apps are running
on the same CPU mobo disk.. so either you care or you don't.
People do have a case for statistical comparative odds analysis
of all possible sources of corruption in whatever data and instruction
streams they pass and operate on... thus leading to particular design
and purchase solutions effective to avoid those odds. ie: If ether+TCP
isn't enough, use TLS to get 2^strong alerts and fails, compute
in triplicate with comparator, etc. However those analysis articles
are few, and are not consulted by users and enterprises.
Deploy 100k nodes worth of ECC around the world, watch the error
logs roll in. Whether those faults have monetary or other value to
you or not is up to you. Same for defending against EMP, GRB,
theft, war, govt, fire, flood, quake, adversaries, etc.