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I don't live a particularly stimulating life

On Sun, Jun 16, 2019 at 07:07:08AM +0000, Ryan Carboni wrote:
> I have been told alternatively through various means that the act is its own reward or that "I thought I would get away with it".
> I have been systematically isolated, and deceived for no logical purpose whatsoever. The fact in it self that I have been isolated would disprove that I would commit any of the acts I'm accused of, and I could only assume those insinuations are solely for the purposes of sadism or stupidity to gloat as to their power over me.
> It is prima facie harassment if you make a person aware of an investigation against him and do not admit to it.
> Knowledge of this counts as participation,

Standing for any human right can be an intense personal journey.

To live such journey in dignity requires (ideally) eliminating blame
from one's conversation - the stand is dignified, the stand opposes
evil, the stand is for righteousness and your principles.

All those good aspects are reduced, at least in the public eye, by
projections of blame, anger, misery etc.

If the stand is worthy, it is sufficient to stand in the stand, for
the principles for which you stand.

So set aside blame and rather bring forth your highest, clearest,
strongest truth, in dignity, as you walk through the dark night of

Remember there are those who know and share your journey, though you
are not aware of them. Think of Manning - jailed for a bloody long
time, pardoned, now jailed for a further inderminate time; think of
Assange, effectively and actually jailed for how many years now?

Each journey is absolutely unique, individual. Embrace your self, be
the greatest you that you aspire to be. No more can be asked of us
than that which we are capable of, and we demonstrate our limits by
the very life we live.

  The things that matter, matter to those who matter;
  set the rest aside and get on with your own life.

Good luck, and continue to create our shared world, it's the only one
we got for the time beingâ?¦