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guilty conscience purge-fail of the year - Jordan Peterson: “Once you’re on our platform we won’t take you down unless we’re ordered to by a US court of law...”

OK, so the inglorious but useful could-be-a-jew by DHA Jordan
Peterson is on a conscience purge failure path right now.

For those who cannot tolerate hypocrisy, let alone alone failure to
uphold free speech and possibly genuine debate on a, --literal--,
"Free Speech Panel", Jordan Peterson's schtick is wearing bloody thin
these days.

Peterson is very proud of the fact he makes a lot of money. OK. Good
for him. Yes I agree with his response that "it's not easy to make a
lot of money", but to create just another bloody proprietary
platform, which is subscription based to boot, in some vain attempt
to purge his Faith Goldy madness, appears to some as arrogant indeed.

To actually embrace his inner fashtag, Peterson needs to learn a
little about FLOSS software, why it is necessary, and why it is the
only possible option for anything remotely approaching "secure" or
"protecting of any fundamental right".

Peterson has yet to have much besides literal squirming in response
to kicking Faith Goldy ("uninviting" her) off of a Free Speech
discussion panel, at a university campus no less!:


Perhaps Peterson does not understand technology - this is the most
generous interpretation we can advance him for a moment, in which
case he has been surrounded by those who either also don't know, or
are uniquely (not) incapable of communicating with Peterson in such a
way as to influence him to comprehend a few basics in relation to
human rights and freedoms.

A less generous interpretation is that Peterson's hypocrisy is deeply
embedded into his psyche to the point that he is untouched by any
around him who (possibly, if they exist around him) are able to
express to him certain fundamentals of human rights, freedoms, the
necessity of such rights and freedoms, and the relationship of these
rights and freedoms to FLOSS software.

I for one welcome a shiny new proprietary pay-to-use platform for
social media.  Not.

Peterson has a not insignificant following for his common sense "how
to brush your teeth" advice, and this following will likely bring
forth the natural lessons which will follow from any successful
launch of this shiny new proprietary pay to use social media

I only wish the lessons could be learnt in a simple conversation here
on Cypherpunks or elsewhere, rather than in yet another multi year,
drawn out proprietary corporate experience... like we need more of
-that- before we can agree on the basics of human rights and freedoms.

Oh well, Peterson is human too and is therefore entitled to the same
journey we all are entitled to.

  Jordan Peterson Close To Launching "Anti-Censorship" Social Media

    Psychologist and author Jordan B. Peterson announced this week
    that progress on Thinkspot, his subscription-based
    "anti-censorship" social media platform, has the project closer
    to launch.

    Peterson and his team are beta testing the product, which he
    calls â??an intellectual playground for censorship-free discourseâ??,
    according to the Washington Times. It comes at a time when social
    media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest have
    been accused of arbitrarily enforcing vague terms of service and
    overreaching in their left-wing biased policing of their
    respective platforms.

    â??Announcing Thinkspot: a new online communication platform (as
    promised post-Patreon),â?? Peterson wrote Wednesday on Facebook.

    ... On the June 9 Joe Rogan podcast, Peterson describes platform
    by saying: â??Once youâ??re on our platform we wonâ??t take you down
    unless weâ??re ordered to by a US court of law.â??

I guess that's an improvement over Jougle and Twatter. Bah!