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“German ‘blogger of the year’ invented her ‘Jewish’ family history, cheated media for years” - upstanding alt-media of the year award [MINISTRY] [PEACE]

Well well well. Whoda thunked it? Fake family histories, multi-year
award winning blogger of the year awards, fake, all fake.

Lapshades and soap bars, folks - as real as it gets, right up their
with "masturbate the boys to death" machines and 10s of thousands
incinerated for weeks, months, years on end after being gassed to
death in a single per-concentration-camp 12 by 6 shower room with
wooden floors and wooden paling fence doors.

And no mountains of ashes of 6 million.

And rollercoasters of death flinging adults and children a like into
the blazing ovens as it rushes through the furnace releasing its
oxygen thieves to the doom.

And ....

... well, you get the picture frames and human lamp shades my
friends, it's all so, so, so very real.

It their minds.

'Tis a rare day one of dey chosen bastaads is taken down by dey own -
musta bin some seriously obvious bull dustery that simply could not
be publicly ignored.

Oh woe is the German reparations teat feeders...

No wonder #RT fashtag Russia Today is enemy du jour.

  German â??blogger of the yearâ?? invented her â??Jewishâ?? family history,
  cheated media for years

Remember muh grits, <spooky musak>, the truth is out there:
You Know Who Really Did the Holocaust, Right? The Polish.

The true truth is competition is the name of tha game:
Old Woman Wants People to â??Call Outâ?? Men for Dating Younger Women
   There is no need to explain because everyone already knows â??
   at least subconsciously â?? the real reason younger women prefer
   older men and older men prefer younger women, but sometimes
   youâ??ll be in a more friendly setting and the topic may come
   up. In that case, keep it short too. Just say that younger
   women are more fun and less psychotic.