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Autonomous Next Generation Leaks

On 6/3/19, John Young <jya at pipeline.com> wrote:
> Probably should give
> up use of "leak" due to it becoming a marketing

"Leak" mostly sounds bad word, like time to call the
plumber, fix the broken, squeeze off that rebel against
authority. Needs to go through a rebranding into something
sunshine, desireable, honourable, aspirational,
protected, trusted.

> Public library could work, just deposit material
> in a place to be found, discovered, almost
> accidentally, belatedly, maybe never, or right
> away

Library is fitting, a horde of reference material
awaiting beside the Brittanicas, or that one copy
of the Cryptonomicon, or Bitcoin for Dummies.

Though if your point is to ensure it eventually hits the
public news channels, or gets piped into verbatim digital
distribution, there must be a highly redundant number
of copies distributed... since many finders of it, including
librarians, will either keep it beyond time of relavance,
destroy it in fear, or give it to authorities... thus nullifying
all your efforts.

> rather than greedily hyped to the max
> mail lists, et al

> Searching for and possibly sharing
> material on your own, at your own pace, at your
> own method, in a widely varying terrain
> it limits external,
> highly-biased management of understanding and subsequent action.

DarkOverlord had a little run in the digital realm,
probably tripped up and got caught grandstanding
like many others.

> Marketing has fucked consumers (marketing term)
> encourages consumers to do the same as normality.
> It may take an effort to overcome what
> "education" has instilled in its consumers about

TV weaponized programming, yet curiously researchable
for developing optimum delivery of your own. If direct
appeal would fail, subvert and lead them, from the inside out.

> Leaks scream, most often incoherently, and induce
> screaming and babbling in response.
> Silence is worth practicing, avoid being noticed,
> Trust and truth

Indeed, the only voice should be the data itself.
Let it scream forth.