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So who else is a Poliana fan?

Poliana is truly awesome - elegant and powerful, almost mezmerizing.
And she will bloody well keep the home front protected, unlike the
Western craziesâ?¼

IDF bitch has had her day in Syria, put in her place by Russian

** Russia Will Establish an Unofficial No-Fly Zone Over Syria
by The Saker The Unz Review (2,411 views) on Tue, Sep 25, 2018
Today Defense Minster Shoigu announced measures which went far beyond
what I had hoped for. Specifically, Shoigu has announced that Russia
 1  Supply S-300 air defense systems (with a 250km range) to the
	 Syrians in the next two weeks.

 2  Russia will deliver advanced automated air defense management
	 systemswhich will *dramatically* increase the Syrian air defense
	 capabilities and prevent future â??friendly fireâ?? incidents.

 3  Russia will use her electronic warfare capabilities to suppress
	 satellite navigation, onboard radar systems and communications of
	 warplanes attacking targets on Syrian territory in the regions
	 over the waters of the Mediterranean Sea bordering with Syria.

** And Here Come the Consequences for Israel for Il-20 Shootdown!
by The Twisted Genius Sic Semper Tyrannis (3,224 views) on Tue, Sep 25, 2018
VV Putin and S Shoigu have quickly and calmly moved to insure that
another incident like the IL-20 shoot down does not occur again.
After laying the blame for the incident squarely on Israel, both men
announced Syria will receive a major upgrade to their air defense
system. Russian will deliver S-300 systems to the Syrians within the
next two weeks.

Assad: â??Maybe Jews Should Chill, What with These New Cannons
I be Packingâ??

This of course all happened after Israel jumped the shark using a
big, slow Russian turboprop as radar cover and 15 Russian servicemen
got blown out of the sky by Syria's very old S200.

Russia weren't happy:

Russia Shows Israel Who is in Charge, Sending a Bunch of Weapons to
Assad Following Downed Russian Plane

(Note absolutely PRICELESS photo of Netanyahu and Putin in the above
 link - "really really I didn't shoot your dog pappa? You believe me
 And that look on pappa's face!)

Dear Poliana,

Your existence conclusively demonstrates there is at least some
sanity and a little light in this world - your pappa makes things
right for a lot of existentially grateful folks, and truth be known
for many cucked over Western folk - as they say â??when a thief sees a
saint, all he sees are his pockets.â??

So you be proud you hear!
You make Russia proud, you make the world proud.

Evil uncle Israel's blackmail, war and banking "games" (and endless
hypocrisy, abuse of conscience ("what is truth anyway?") and the
rest) has driven the average man to rack and ruin and strives to take
the world to the brink, for the pittance of a few silver shekelsâ?¼

This is wrong of course, and we don't seem to have any easy solution
in the face of thoughtless (but significantly reducing, snigger
snigger) multitudes baying at CNN every night.

â??When an Israelie sees a Nationalist, all he sees are his memes!â??

Enough said. We are grateful for your very existence.

Simply put - you rock, we love you!

May God bless Polina, her nation and the people who gave birth to her,
Signed, The world

PS: The truth out yet (and DAMN it's been a long 70 years! - folks
this is one to forward far and wide, this meme is about to be busted,
and the front runners are in for some seriously positive social karma

** Mainstream Holocaust Narrative 'Substantially, if not Entirely,
False' - Editor of Top US Conservative Site (Ron Unz)
by Ron Unz The Unz Review (3,091 views) on Tue, Sep 25, 2018

The author spends a few weeks perusing the literature, which he
summarizes in this 18,000 word article, and concludes that the
Holocaust story relentlessly hammered into the public consciousness
by Jewish-owned Hollywood and media is a load of baloney. He suspects
that when the lie comes crashing down, a political earthquake will

"I wouldnâ??t be surprised if our current Holocaust narrative
eventually suffers that same fate (total collapse), perhaps with
unfortunate consequences for those too closely associated with having
maintained it."

"Once I realized to my dismay that I couldnâ??t believe a word of what
our media and political leaders said about major events in the here
and now, their credibility on controversial happenings so long ago
and far away entirely disappeared."