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latest false flag attack?

Posters said:

> There's only 'terrorism' when [something needs to happen]
> for the [next century]...

> The details are complicated, but the basic story is simple:

Some say there were triggers...


...whatever, then sure, physics rules whatever situation.

Whether demolition planted wherever in the complex or not,
boxcutting terrists or autopilots, and whatever other
subcomponent or higher level theories and facts, the bottom
line is that...

911 as a whole was ultimately caused by the fuckery of
governments around the world [1].

Does anyone actually dispute that?
Besides the govenments, and their licensed thus controlled media?

[1] after you "voted" them in thus ceding power to them to
do whatever they want, in your name and from your wallet.
History says you'll need a fuckton of luck to change
that peacefully... qapla!