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Linux Torvalds finally hits the bag time - TDS Torvalds Centreford [PEACE]

OK so it's pure trolling, but this is actually anti-trolling since
Linus apologized for trolling - didn't even grab anyone by the pussy
and he's all "I'm so sorry I can't believe how sorry I am. So sad!"
<literal Trump^BLinus quote :)>

What is the world coming to? A nice soft cotton wool safe space for
all? One where cp is the final frontier for those who would hammer
and tongue one another to pieces - aka making duelling great again,
Juan and Razer style¿

So sad...

Linus Run Out of Linux for Being Mean â?? Wat?
  â?¦On Sunday, the benevolent dictator announced that he would be
  stepping down temporarily, to â??get some assistance on how to
  understand peopleâ??s emotions and respond appropriately.â??

Truly shocked I tell ya, truly shocked.