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latest false flag attack?

On Sun, Sep 09, 2018 at 10:50:40PM -0400, Steve Kinney wrote:
> On 09/09/2018 09:22 PM, Mirimir wrote:
> > Someone did, for sure. It could have been Israel and/or Saudi Arabia
> > also. I suspect that they're all connected, in some clusterfuck way.
> > 
> Permission to speak freely?
> Fuck that.  As even Dim (the dimmest of us all) would say, "I don't need
> no permission from the likes of you."
> The architects of the 911 Event did a great job, and I doubt we will
> ever be able to prove a God damned thing about who done it.  Big clue:
> If you ever beat Donald Rumsfeld at a game he cares about, you can
> consider yourself Something Special.  He's that good.
> Israel's greasy fingerprints are present in the form of a fairly massive
> espionage operation that was quietly rolled up and kicked out of the
> U.S. earlier that same year.  Press reports were scarce but indicated
> that EOD and radio operator were the predominant MOS of the guise in
> question - skills applicable to the Event in question.  Then there were
> the famous "Dancing Israelis" who had cleaned out their offices at WTC
> days before the Event; they ran a moving company, and their rented box
> trucks tested positive for explosive residues per initial FBI report.
> After they were shipped back home, one of them mentioned on an Israeli
> talk show that they were Mossad, probably the only significant "leak" in
> the whole operation.  Around 3000 casualties at a center of
> international banking and not one Israeli citizen lost?  What are the
> odds?!

DAMN DUDE! You ought to know we're not never ever not supposed to
talk about (((them)))!

Sheesh! Next thing you'll be publicly claiming that Jews run the
international banking gollygopoly and have funded both sides of every
war. -_/â??\_-`

> Everyone Knows that most of the nominal hijackers were Saudi nationals.
> But in real life, most of them remain John Does:  Because the real
> people whose identities were stolen by the hijackers turned up alive,
> well, and thoroughly pissed off after they were named as dead hijackers.
>  A minor flaw in the plan... presenting no indicators of who actually
> did the thing, other than that Saudi intel and their American friends
> were well positioned to do the identity theft thing against Saudi
> nationals.  Lest we forget, the propaganda aspects of the plan hinged on
> blaming Osama Bin Ladin (RIP, kidney failure, winter 2001-2 in a
> nameless cave in eastern Afghanistan*), famously a Saudi national.  So
> Saudis they were - according to the Official Narrative.
> That Hellfire missile a Predator drone fired before crashing into the
> Pentagon scored a direct hit on an auditor's office.  (I bet a nickel
> somebody put a corner reflector in the window just to make God damned
> deadly certain the right one got hit.)  That comes closes to "proof"
> that senior military officials were ass deep in the plot:  Who else

Surely you're not suggesting the $20T US MIC black budget money black
hole has something to do with 9/11 now?

> would have the will and clout to risk exposing the whole operation as a
> hoax (no airliner debris at the site, imaginary plane's engines didn't
> even break windows, people with relevant experience reported hearing a
> missile and smelling cordite) to cover their own asses?  The folks
> working in that office were trying to track down some billions of
> missing public dollars, and the investigation died with their documents
> and data.

Surely not?

Next thing you'll be sayin' the official story has never even TRIED
to explain the WTC7 collapse and that the entire 9/11 con was
secondarily but also a grande "Jewish stocktake" insurance job.

> * I suspect Bin Ladin's grave was finally found and positively
> identified by friendlies in early 2011, giving the Obama Administration
> a green light to stage the "killing Osama" hoax without risk of
> subsequent exposure.  Soon after a somewhat less-famous helicopter
> accident cleaned up after, killing the folks who were in a position to
> say what really happened in Abbottabad that day, and be believed.
> I <3 history.  It's everything that ever happened!  And thanks to the
> Future Shock phenomenon x teh interwebz, I have watched SO much of it
> happen...
> :o/

Bah! What's a few thousand lives here or there between "international
bankers" - or millions for that matter?

Go mine some BTC and hodl alreadyâ?¼

Humans and their empathetic concience - such follyâ?¦