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“A symbiotic relationship between the individual and the collective” [PEACE]

Individuals speak. A listener agrees or disagrees.

Scalpel some clarity from the stained cloth of life, express a truth.

Bring forth -your- expressions of life, of the divine - lighten the
load of another, help to transform individual and collective
confusion, madness and chaos, into clarity, sanity and order.

What else is there to do but to make things right, even a tiny bit?

A few words, a shot across the bow from everybody's favourite Neon
Nazi Andrew Anglin, commenting on Richard Spencer's recent â??Also,
insane Clown Posse seems to be a kind of last stand of implicit White

  â??A symbiotic relationship between the individual and the collective
   serves to propel society in a positive direction...â??

Agree or disagree, some words, memes, compel.

One pines for beauty, love, another struggles to withold tears from
the well of empathy for those of truth, of spirit, things undefinable
yet ever compelling.

Bring forth your greatest, be the you you can be.

Let your light shine, as trite and cynical as it may be - when is
your time, if not now?

This world, of wonderful, deeply amazing things, Souls and
aspirations - everything has meaning, especially as we struggle so
painfully through this time of societal dichotomy, chaos and change
as we connect awareness instantaneously, one with all, broadcasting
from rooftops all that was concealed - truth and facts, for all with
an eye or an ear.

Go well,