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Internet fights back, Providers Sellout, 3D Gunbooks For Sale

On 08/29/2018 03:29 PM, Razer wrote:
> Grarpamp: "lol"
> Here ya go laughing boy, the intertubz fights back. My blurb for
> #OccupySiliconValley #S17
> "This #S17 #OccupySiliconValley. It isn't 'geeks who love computers'
> anymore. It's the new American Oligarchy... "The 1%"... the enemy. The
> Pentagon wrote a contract to store ALL DoD data, including classified
> info, that only #Bezos Amazon AWS 'cloud' and a couple of other
> operations could fulfill. Amazon=Pentagon, all the way back to Bezos
> statements years ago saying he'd co-operate with the CIA, b/c CIA."
> Tactical Briefing: http://abillionpeople.org/occupysiliconvalley.html

Meh.  Sounds like a conventional offsite backup strategy to me.  It does
seem to indicate high confidence in the cryptographic tools used to
prevent stored data from being read by hostiles, with unusually strong
forward security (resistance to cryptanalysis for, say, 50+ years).

This contract would also indicate high confidence in methods used to
prevent useful source attribution and traffic analysis of files being
written into and read out of the archival servers in question,
presumably by parties including the vendor providing the service.

I'd like to see the protocols involved.  If they're that good, they
should be published because doing so will enhance The National Interest
at no cost to The National Security.

He said.  With malice aforethought.


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