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Anglin: “It was always 100% obvious to me that Gab was filled with feds” - [PEACE] - Re: latest false flag attack?

On Sun, Oct 28, 2018 at 11:01:04AM +1100, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 07, 2018 at 04:56:35PM -0700, Mirimir wrote:
> > On 09/07/2018 03:57 PM, juan wrote:
> > > 	it's been a while since the US military nazis, the wall street
> > > 	bankers, other amerikan humanitarians and US empire vassal
> > > 	states have carried their last false flag attack? A new one is
> > > 	overdue? 
> > > 
> > > 	Is there any betting on it? =)
> > 
> > I bet $10 that someone will assassinate Trump, during his first
> > term, and implicate snowflakes.
> Need a -real- false flag to motivate the kick back. Looks like we
> mighta just got it:
> Anglin: â??It was always 100% obvious to me that Gab was filled with
> fedsâ??
> And we know Gab is young and was marketed, just like Facebookerberg 
> and Twatter as "free speech champion"s.
> Anglin: â??It is the absolute most obvious thing in the world that
> because the bombing didnâ??t work, they pulled the mass shooting card.
> I donâ??t know how this is going to affect the elections. But I do know
> how it is going to affect something that is 1000 times more
> important: free speech on the internet. It is going to be bad.â??
> https://dailystormer.name/happening-pittsburgh-synagogue-shot-up-eight-dead/

HA! False flag facts appear in less than 24 hours since Anglin
started questioning - VERY impressive!

Dis false flag be some imPRESSIVE Jewin' y'allâ?¼ :

  Was the Synagogue Shooting Yet Another Jew Trick?

  â?¦ In January, the FBI was involved in an active shooter drill at a
  Pittsburgh Jewish community center. Nine months later, it was
  attacked for real. Only TWO cities in the entire USA had a shooter
  drill involving both the FBI and a Jewish center. Crazy
  coincidence. pic.twitter.com/bmMWlnFHeh
  â?? Roosh (@rooshv) October 28, 2018

  â?¦ Average victim age: 74

  â?¦ the active shooter drill happened just down the road from the
  actual shooting.

  And the 1488er Synagogue Shooterâ??s account was created in January.

    The FBI held their active shooter drill only 0.6 miles from where
	 yesterday's shooting took place. pic.twitter.com/M0Xm41oueH

  A recent red-pill convert? Or a Fed? You decide.

  And all of these drills happening all the time near the sites of
  actual mass shootings. Why does this cohencidence keep occurring?

  Do the Feds know ahead of time the area where these attacks are
  going to occur? If so, how/why?

  Methinks this humble e-book salesman is steering deep into
  dangerous waters. Waters that the humble water filter merchant is
  now also steering into.

  AJ should fire that British homosexual weirdo he has working for

  Why is this community somehow involved in literally every other
  shooting? All while being only 2% of the population?

  It is actually Jews suing AJ right now for saying they faked Sandy
  Hook. I donâ??t mean the lawyers, although theyâ??re obviously also
  Jewish, I mean the fat Jew saying his retarded son was killed.

  And perhaps we should start questioning the efficacy of these
  drills. Theyâ??re always being done right before mass shootings and
  they never seem to be able to prevent said mass shooting.