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The Assassination Of Donald Trump

On Fri, 26 Oct 2018 01:25:15 +0000
CANNON <cannon at cannon-ciota.info> wrote:

> Not sure what this has to do with crypto-anarchy or cypherpunk things. 

	You are not sure? So, maybe you should at least do some basic homework? 

	You are subscribed to list with topic [xyz] and when topic [xyz] shows up you say "I don't know why topic [xyz] is discussed in this [xyz] list! Outrageous!" 

> But may
> God protect Trump, and the USA. Trump is a great president, and protecting the USA
> from the globalist agenda and from the leftists socialist agenda.

	So you are a troll? Or incredibly blind? Or just fucking retarded? 

	In the real world,  trumpo is as globalist and as socialist as they get. Funnily enough, by ignoring such obvious fact, you become a useful idiot for the globalist/socialist party.