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ByScience NewsApp: "Government corruption tops 5th annual Chapman University survey of American fears"

On Mon, 22 Oct 2018 19:54:07 -0400
grarpamp <grarpamp at gmail.com> wrote:

> >> https://phys.org/news/2018-10-corruption-tops-5th-annual-chapman.html
> >> "More Americans are afraid than ever,
> >> "1. Corrupt government officials (73.6 percent)
> > 	notice that the objects under 'scientific study' aka american subjects are
> > afraid of 'corrupt' agents, not of government per se.
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pledge_of_Allegiance
> "All states except Hawaii, Iowa, Vermont and Wyoming
> require a regularly scheduled recitation of the pledge
> in the public schools"

	oh interesting - there's a handful of holdouts...

> Abject forced indoctrination at its best.

"Look, if the slaves want guns, let 'em be!
Our supremacy doesn't depend on weaponry
With schools, media, money and meds, we control every
Aspect of your lives through ideological hegemony
But if you think you need guns to stop tyranny
Then whatch'a waiting for, we've already stripped you of your
Liberty, privacy, civil rights and dignity... You want some more?


> > And it would be pretty
> > funny to find out what 'corruption' means to the fine 'scientists' doing the
> > poll.
> Polling their corruption? That of their procurers and funders?
> That would cause them to lose their government jobs.
> They would have to find true and marketable work for themselves.

	^-^ - I've nothing else to add...

Jim wrote:
> Well, what we need to do is learn about the methodology of this poll.  Did the surveyers merely ask, "What are you most afraid of", or did they suggest the subjects:  Was the example "Corrupt government employees" provided to them?

	Indeed. I'e expect those sorts of polls to be rather biased, by default.

>Also, I suspect that a lot of the results of this survey reflect, more or less, the product of the news media's commentary over the last few years.  

	Yes, yes.  It's a feedback loop. 

>The news media, most of them anyway, loved Obama, and many of them currently hate Trump.  That position has presumably rubbed off onto the public.

	So 'progressive'  obomba did everything a textbook example of fascist would do. Mass surveillance, war, trillions for  corporate welfare, etc, etc. And trump is just like obomba except he's 100% white instead of just 50%. 

> And, I suspect that "corrupt government" is often, even usually defined as "government controlled by people that I don't want to see control it".