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keen for action? literal RaHoWa practice run - South African land confiscations soon - [PEACE]

Whitey got a practice run about to go down agin' 'im in SA.

Weeks, possibly month or three away.

As we know, there's at least one training group getting their shit
together in SA, for those pining for that Novorossia action they
missed out on.

Who are you?

What do you live for?

Some live for other than the Crackatinney tribe or the Slapaho

Good luck fellow Souls,

 Just a Prank, Bruh! South African Land Confiscations Seem
 Like a â??Social Experimentâ?? to Me

It's the minerals brah! Lots of juicy taxable mining, gotta get dat
land off the owners though, or the banks can't make so much money!

And given the international "federal reserve system" nexussed in the
BIS, debt-enslavement of the "stupid blacks living high on the
socialist hog" of South Africa, just a decade or two of spiralling
downwards debt-based gibs will have the entire country in hoc to da
banks brah!

Then all dat minin' output be supa cheap to de oberlords outside SA,
and da country internally in eternal debt spiral trap.

Dis be win-lose situation me thinks, wiv de banks be da winnas and de
Blacks be socialist "winners" for few decades, and de White "boors"
certainly de very big losers in all dis.

What be needed is united White front, both internal and external to
SA, but Whitey don't seem to control 'is own money no mo. He gat
pentagram hex on 'is hiney, must bow low to 2% oberlord massas
runnin' de banksta situation!

Gud luk, Whitey!

 Global mining boom is leading to landgrab, says report

 South Africa's suicidal quest to expropriate land without

 Nationalisation of mineral rights in South Africa
	Nationalisation of mineral rights in South Africa

	The Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act 28 of 2002
	(MPRDA) deprived landowners of the ownership of unexplored mineral
	and petroleum products and proclaimed mineral and petroleum
	resources to be â??the common heritage of all the people of South
	Africaâ?? with the State as the custodian thereof. Prospecting and
	mining rights in respect of â??unused old order rightsâ?? and the
	conversion of â??old order prospecting rightsâ?? and â??old order mining
	rightsâ?? into â??new orderâ?? prospecting and/or mining rights have
	been subjected to radical time constraints and strenuous
	substantive conditions to be approved by the Minister of Mineral
	and Energy Affairs. Whereas the State in the past regulated
	prospecting and mining activities, mainly to secure safety
	measures and protection of the environment, the legislature has
	now imposed stringent requirements for the granting of prospecting
	and/or mining rights because it has become the owner of mineral
	and petroleum resourcesâ??either as personification of â??the people
	of South Africaâ?? or as a public trustee of â??the heritage of all
	the people of South Africa.â??

	Section 25 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa
	distinguishes between deprivation of property, which is not
	subject to the payment of compensation by the State, and
	expropriation for which compensation must be paid. It is commonly
	accepted that expropriation is constituted by deprivation plus an
	additional element or elements. There are two possible factors
	that will convert a deprivation into expropriation: either the
	vesting of ownership of the rights of which the owner has been
	deprived in another entity, for example the State; or, as
	stipulated in Article 25, by depriving the owner of his or her
	rights in the public interest or for a public purpose. It is
	argued in this essay that the deprivation of mineral and petroleum
	resources amounted to expropriation under either of these two
	perceptions of expropriation.

Mining industry of South Africa - Wikipedia

As we know, Is Britain Backing South Africa's Land Confiscations

 Update: In a truly stunning report, Theresa Mayâ??s government appears
 to be backing the Soviet-style policy of â??land expropriation without
 compensationâ?? aimed at dispossessing South Africaâ??s white farmers.

The Zulus now handled (they were starting to side with Whitey):
South Africa LAND SEIZURES: Zulu lands EXEMPTED from ...

South Africa parliament votes to confiscate land from white farmers

South African govt approves first farm seizures from leaked list of

South Africa Land Seizures Begin, Economic Decline Accelerates