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[tor-talk] Does Facebook .onion work?

> have to enter my phone and receive a code.

> upload a photo that clearly shows your face.

> Fair enough.

Nope, fuck facebook.

>> We use this photo to help us check that this account belongs to you.
> We'll delete the photo once we've done this

As with their [ab]use of the phone number, this is all
flowery feelgood bullshit meant to satisfy and pacify
the billions of sheeple that...

"People just submitted it. I don't know why. They 'trust me'. Dumb
fucks." -Mark Zuckerberg

Even if the photo itself is somehow deleted and overwritten
from all their media and backups... you should assume that
the fuzzy signature of it (you) that they're using to "check"
whatever... is still very much there and in use forever.

You could probably test that by opening two separate
accounts maybe a week apart, using the same "deleted"
test picture.

Else their "check" would be just another sheeply lie too.

Perhaps change is meant to help kill "fake news" via
enable more censorship knobs over notorious free speech.

Speak on, faceless, numberless, anons.