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Project Zero, *box, Unix, Licenses

On 10/15/18, Ryan Carboni <ryacko at gmail.com> wrote:
> Many Zerodium prices have increased by ten thousand last month.
> Decrementing public Project Zero bug index IDs reveals that for this year,
> there has been an average of ten bugs per month.
> Project Zero has revealed itself. The price for hacking should be $100,000
> for servers, and $10,000 for SOHO.

Even at $1k each, would need a much bigger pot
to find all the bugs. Automation is helping a lot.

> Although I have only one complaint: Project Zero hasnâ??t examined busybox or
> toybox, as far as I can tell.

Or the crunchgen (ie: /rescue, etc) system of at least FreeBSD,
which is full, unlike busybox / toybox somewhat reduced
functionality versions, and implemented before busybox
first release.