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Cryptocurrency: Traps / The Flippening / Post Quantum Crypto / Adoption Fun Again







This is alarming. When even Blockstream is saying don't use BTC, I
think it's the end for BTC.

Thankfully, there is a way out of this for Bitcoin. It's called
Bitcoin Cash. It's not an altcoin... It's a legitimate fork of the
Bitcoin ledger from August 2017, when enough people had enough sense
to realize what was happening, and were able to act in time to
preserve the ledger.

The Blockstream gang has thrown Bitcoin off its course for several
years, but you cannot stop an idea whose time has come. Peer to
Peer Electronic Cash is here to stay, and no amount of deception
can stop it.

"[We stand ready to fork cryptocurrency to protect and ensure its survival]"

Whoever thought the first BTC must be the only one leading,
was wrong thinking. Another five years and it might not
be on the leaderboard at all. That's actually an ok thing,
change happens, old legacy replaced with new more useful,
efficient, resistant, decentral, secure, private, and free combinations.

And the years cryptocurrency community wastes on all the bullshit
(and having to verify and discern truth from it all), the retarded ICO's,
and all the centralized and other pointless shitcoins... the fiats [of
the crypto world]... you should have just stayed focused on the
decentralized coins, the cypherpunk, the anarchism.
Instead you fell into the traps of the old world

People are starting to learn from this period of years.
Things are again slowly picking up and moving faster now.

Among the family of all coins using the Satoshi Genesis Block
blockchain, and or any of its decendant UTXO sets as coinbase

Bitcoin Cash BCH is likely in a better position overall among them.

Here's a few old school adoption fun reasons why...


And don't forget... privacy coins rising... there's a reason for
that... surveillance is chilling, and cryptocurrency can hardly
succeed without cryptographically strong privacy options
(vs ongoing tx fee (tax) needed for possibly weaker statistical
coin mixes).

Post quantum crypto should come into the space before long too.