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Public Shielded Room Work


My name is Karl Semich and I have a desire to make available to
everyone highly secure shielded rooms / SCIFs, for privacy and
security in this modern age.

I was wondering if anybody else was pursuing this, or if anybody knew
of anybody pursuing this, that I might stay in contact with them or
support them.

Or even if anybody had some experience with this concept, and might
mentor me, it would be incredible.

I don't have any formal training and have developed some cognitive
issues, resulting in slow progress, but this is all I am spending my
free time on.  I do not work a job, being supported for now by a

I'm currently residing in Green Bank, WV, where emissions are
regulated for a radio observatory.  I am trying to develop some
relatively simple software using the rtl-sdr to measure the power of a
noise source independent of background traffic, so as to quickly and
repeatedly measure shielding effectiveness.

I then plan to try to measure a variety of setups ranging from
homemade aluminum foil & iron paint to soldered copper and welded or
bolted stainless steel, to identify ways for everyday people to
cheaply create shielded environments that are actually effective.  I
would like to find a way people can use off-the-shelf supplies to make
environments that are isolated from DC to light, if desired.

If anybody else is working on something like this, I would love to
support you in any way available.  I can donate money, I can get
drinks and run errands, I can read books and pursue a degree if
needed, I can mode hardware around and even develop and debug

Please let me know,